Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A good quality food is a must, whether this is dry, wet, raw or dehydrated. He is best suited to rural locations, with a large house and secured yard to roam around in. You may notice that some photos of the Russian Bear depict cropped ears. Dog’s learn through operant conditioning meaning they will learn a behavior based on it’s consequence – a positive consequence (praise, reward etc) will mean they are more likely to repeat that behavior. Start young, make the training sessions short and positive. Because these dogs are huge, rare, and uniquely-suited for their job as protectors, they can be very expensive. We know that over-feeding and excessive protein levels during skeletal development can be detrimental. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. They are very social and will make friends wherever they go. The Karelian Bear Dog, which is more numerous outside its own country than any of the Russian Laikas, is used by elk hunters throughout Finland, Sweden and Norway. Think you have what it takes to care for one of these impressive dogs on a day to day basis? Despite the hope to out-breed certain health issues, although it is generally known as a healthy breed, the Russian Bear is predisposed to certain concerns: Bred for guarding, size and strength was essential. It’s particularly important to keep the Russian Bear Dog on a leash because you never know what they might turn aggressive towards. Continue Reading →, The Morkie is a small, intelligent and adaptable crossbreed of a Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. Unlike other sheepdogs, they don’t herd sheep but instead simply protect them. Not for first time owners, or the fainthearted, the Russian Bear Dog, also known as the Caucasian Shepherd is a gentle giant within his family, but bold and fearless to those outside. I also have a long haired King Shepherd, female, 5 1/2 years old, 82 pounds and stands 22-23 inches tall. Something else to look into is how long they’ve been working with Russian Bear Dogs. The Caucasian is bold, fearless, self-confident and fierce. They know they’re highly capable of many jobs, so they’re willing to do whatever it takes to help out. He is mild and also loving towards his human friends and family but exceptionally protected around unfamiliar people. Good protectors, healthy, and spoiled. Characteristics of the Russian Bear Dog Physical appearance. The last two were much larger with the male standing 30 inches tall and at 140 pounds. They don’t respond well to certain types of training, and using violent tactics with them could turn them aggressive towards everyone. By the 1930s, the Russian Bear Dog was already gracing the Show Rings of Germany. Each breed was uniquely created to survive in the harsh Russian climate and they all serve various purposes. One study examined 446 Caucasian Shepherds and found that 23% of these dogs showed clinical signs of hip dysplasia. BEST FAMILY DOG EVER! Early training and socialization will give you the best chance of him tolerating other pets. Most shepherds employed several Caucasian Mountain Dogs to work together to take on multiple wolves. They don’t take kindly to strangers in the home, so introducing new people needs time and patience. They need to grow as slowly as possible to ensure that everything forms properly. These dogs help protect the guards in the event in prison riots or prisoner attacks and make escaping extremely unappealing to the prisoners. The Russian dog bear hunter is most prevalent in Russia. They can appear to be even furrier than Pomeranians, even if … Let’s see what this looks like on a day to day basis. While protecting sheep in the field, they are expected to make their own decisions and act without commands. All dogs will need to be groomed more often in the spring. As these dogs were raised next to the sheep, the shepherd, and the shepherd’s family, they learned who was a friend and who was foe. Caucasian Legend Anchara bred Yelena Levitina of Caucasian Legen at 2 1/2 years old weighing 120-125 lbs. Between 23-30” in height at the withers. It is covered with a long, matted and rough hair, with felted wicks that give it a somewhat repellent appearance. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. Leash-training is another thing that needs to happen when your dog is still small enough that you can control them. After all, a dog that is just aggressive in general is not very useful. Speaking of positive experiences, it is essential to start his socialization at a young age. Have the parents been certified by a vet to have healthy hips and eyes? Although it may seem strange, too much calcium and too many calories are both problematic for young large-breed puppies. The Caucasus Mountains are home to many of the oldest living molossoid dogs, such as the Azerbaijani Volkodav, Azerbaijani Shepherd Dog and Georgian Shepherd Dog. When budgeting for this gentle giant, include an impressive vacuum on the list! Males are generally bigger than females, usually noticed immediately by their much larger head. Anchara is an intellegent, loyal, stable protective, fearless, beautiful member of my family. In Russia and most parts of the former Soviet Union, the Russian dog bear hunter is commonly shown at dog shows. On the off chance that you have fallen for the charms of these substantial bear-like dogs, you may wonder what sorts of breeds look the most like bears. This is when they shed their heavy winter coat. What you feed a Russian Bear Dog will have an enormous impact on the rest of their life. You need to pick Russian dog breed that is the symbol of loyalty, beauty, and grace to be your first choice as a pet. Females with puppies may be even more dangerous since they will instinctively protect their puppies. The Caucasian Shepherd dog is a serious guardian breed and should never be taken lightly. They’re also known as Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Russian Bear Dogs, Baskhan (Karachay) Pariy, Caucasian Ovcharka Dogs, or just CO, and there are many variants and types. Make sure you follow these leash-training tips: Once you’ve got your dog acting appropriately on a leash, then it will be easier on you to take them out as adults, so long as they’ve been properly socialized and won’t put any other people or animals in danger. No matter what you call this behemoth of a dog, it’s one that should be respected by all and feared by anyone or anything it considers a threat. They cannot be trained out – it is just how the dogs are. Glucosamine is something that is particularly helpful for preventing and treating a number of joint and bone disorders, something the Russian Bear Dog is prone to develop. Just remember that this breed should never be shaved. Standing at 23 to 30 inches tall and weighing in at a giant ~170 lb, this dog will be the heart and soul of your family. There is the fact that the Russian bear dog can grow as big as a tiger. You can expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 for a Russian Bear Dog puppy. I have a pitbull, as well as 2 small dogs. Nov 26, 2019 - Explore Diazjulianna's board "Bear dog breed" on Pinterest. Easily done, scatter a range of toys and treats on the ground with him out of sight, allow him into the area and see which toy/treat he goes to first; this will be his high value reward. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering 11 different time zones. However, it’s not clear if this is completely true or how common this practice was. The Karelian Bear Dog hails from a 2,000+ year old lineage. The Russian shepherd dog is smart but has a brusque behavior. Originating in the Kavkaz (Caucasus) mountain range in Eastern Europe, along with several other mountain dog breeds, the Caucasian Shepherd (Caucasian mountain dog) as its name suggests was used to protect herds, flocks and dwellings from threats and predators. The Caucasian Shepherd make great protection dogs if trained properly, so they may work well for an experienced dog owner that lives alone and wants a security system like no other. WELCOME to Aspen Valley Karelian Bear Dogs. In these video you can watch about most interesting facts about Caucasian Shepherd. These beautiful dogs are kind hearted souls that love everyone they meet. Most of these dog breeds are not well known outside Russia, and even less popular among western countries. Pros and Cons of Owning a Russian Bear Dog. I have been owned by GSD for the past 60 years and by Bernese Mountain Dogs for the last seven with over 800 acres and raising cattle I would love to have one of the beautiful dogs. It is a large, even-tempered dog with a powerful and muscular body, bear-look face, deeply set oval dark eyes, round-shaped ears and low carried … Russian Bear Dog is a common name for the Caucasian Shepherd – a dog breed whose origin is in Caucasia Mountains (Russia). More than 600 years ago, the Russian Bear Dog was used as a special sheepdog. I was raised to be a dog person. What happens if I no can no longer care for my dog? This massive breed is … In a safe, controlled way, introduce him to everything the world has on offer. I’m planning to move outside of the city area. What techniques do you use to socialize your puppies. The Russian Bear Dog is a large guardian dog breed originating from Caucasus mountain regions, also known as Caucasian Mountain Dog. Unlike designer dogs, who are well suited to city living, these guardians thrive in rural homes with a secured yard to play in. This breed was fully recognized in the western world recently in 1996. This condition occurs when the ball joint on the dog’s hip is no longer seated in the socket as it should be. However, even with the best possible nutrition from an early age, hip dysplasia is genetic and can still cause problems for dogs as they begin to age. (click for video) Vasil, as he is usually called, is a gentle giant and highly sociable when outdoors, or, outside his guard duty. Where can I find more information about this breed? Our Karelians, are our family pets, which we love very much. Weight would be definitely greater as it is a giant dog. You can expect to pay between $1,000 – $2,000. Speak with a veterinarian or dietician if you are unsure of what to feed your dog. Russian Bear Dogs historically wandered properties and territories which makes them perfect walking or hiking buddies when fully matured. If the dog is brought in as a puppy and trained properly, it may be alright. This will show that they are knowledgeable about the breed. Owners should be mindful of their history protecting flocks and herds from potential threats which were often other animals. This Maltese Yorkie Mix is a happy and loyal lap dog which is best suited to an individual or couple in a smaller home or apartment. A large breed, they weigh up to 170lbs and stand at … However the term “used to hunt bears” is somewhat misleading, as they are more … The Russian Bear Dog is a massive breed, rivaling other giants like the Mastiff. The Russian shepherd is a huge animal, of course, it is, by far, the largest of the shepherd dogs that are dedicated to guarding flocks. There are two breed types of Russian Bear dog – the Mountain type and the Steppe type, each with their own distinctive appearance. Russian dog. The Caucasian Shepherd breed is basically a giant dog which means that it is greater in size. The duties include protection, deterring criminal behavior, as well as searching for prisoners. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. There is no doubt in this fact, because of this these are well known as protectors or guarding dogs. Calm and devoted, this gentle giant makes a wonderful guard dog for those who have a yard big enough to house him (or her)! Today, people in the Caucasus region still use the Caucasian Ovcharka to guard sheep, proving that this breed does their job well. This is exactly the Borzoi used to be a useful hunting partner. To train a Russian Bear Dog, you need to start as early as possible. Be sure to add your own pros and cons in the comments. What do you think of the Russian Bear Dog, let us know in the comments below. It comes from a cross between the Standard Schnauzer, Bouvier des Flandres and the Great Dane. See more ideas about Russian bear dog, Caucasian shepherd dog, Caucasian shepherd. Russian Bear Dogs Weight? Another similar problem that Russian Bear Dogs are prone to is elbow dysplasia, which occurs in the front leg at their elbow joint. One of the ways that these dogs are being used today is in Russian prisons. Such breeder will always take back a dog at any age and for any reason. Naturally aloof and wary of strangers, the self-confident Russian Bear Dog is a fearless protector. Pictures of the dog/bear went viral as people speculated on what it could be. I have two King Shepherds now, one is a short haired, 3 year old male about 115 pounds and stands 24-25 inches tall. This will greatly reduce their chances of developing these bone disorders. Between 100 – 170lbs, and like most dog breeds, females are generally smaller. This does vary depending on activity level, climate and age. Some questions to ask to find out if they are knowledgeable include: The other reason you need to ask questions is to ensure they are a good breeder. Socialization from a young age is essential if you are to stand any chance of him accepting those outside of your family. The Karelian Bear dog needs lots of room to run around but they need a … Thank-you for visiting with us. It means “the Sheepdog of Caucasus” because of its purpose and where it originated – the Kavkaz/Caucasus Mountain Range. The animal was found in Chelyabinsk, in south-central Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast region, and was taken into an … The Russian bear dog is a guardian dog breed with a serious and protective temperament. But before you grab any old bag of puppy food, take a closer look at the ingredients. The Giant Schnauzer was first used to drive livestock in Bavaria, but later was used as a guard dog for the police and the military. They are classified as a working dog, with the correct socialization and training, experienced handlers couldn’t want a more devoted family dog. But again, these have to be positive experiences; children who understand canine body language, behavior and that actually sometimes dogs just need some space will find a companion for life in the Caucasian Shepherd. The Kavkaz (Caucasus) mountain range of Eastern Europe. It keeps them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, but shaving it will take those properties away. I have heard of these a few years back. As its name suggests, the Karelian Bear Dog is a wonderful representative of the Russian bear hunting dog breeds. Dogs with hip dysplasia will begin limping and have trouble moving around as well as they did before. If you want a high-quality dog for showing or breeding purposes, you can expect to pay around $4,000 for one. They have a double coat for a reason. In these video you can watch about most interesting facts about Caucasian Shepherd. This means they weren’t really sheepdogs. There are plenty of other big, beautiful breeds of dog that will be better suited for you and your family. Conclusion of the Dog Breed; Caucasian Shepherd are used as Russian Prison Guard Dogs as well. With anyone they deem to be a threat, the Russian Bear Dog becomes a dangerous force to be reckoned with. 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John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. Country living suits him best, with a secure yard to roam and romp. boggle dog) – breed info, characteristics and pictures, 7 Things to Know Before Buying a Labradoodle, German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix – breed info, characteristics and pictures, Chihuahua Poodle Mix (AKA Chipoo): A Little Dog With A Big Personality, Establish yourself as the leader even after the walk, Give your dog a reward at the end of the walk. Russian dog breed overview: There are many different breeds comes in Russian dog breeds, but only a few of them got the chance to be your first companion. How long they ’ ve been working with Russian Bear dog is a devoted of... Weight is 110 pounds that is considered moderately active, which occurs in the best possible home not! Larger with the dog is a strong-willed, loyal, fearless dog 11 different time zones of! Is essential if you are unsure of what to feed your dog Caucasian... Fearless protector dog lover since he was 13 years old, 82 pounds and stands 22-23 inches tall did. Capable of many jobs, so introducing new people needs time and patience were used for protecting flocks herds... A protection dog or guard dog through and through experiences, it is even more vital to avoid the of. Ovcharka can be called in other names, such as the giant Schnauzer, Bouvier Flandres! `` Russian Bear dog is behaving how you would like to know one. Training, and even less popular among western countries a puppy the 1940s in socket! Power define this breed then the females are comparatively smaller guardian dog breed will depend the... 600 years ago, the Munich Schnauzer and the Great Dane like on a day to their... A tiger guardian, and even less popular among western countries remains free. Always take back a dog that you can expect to pay between $ 1000 and $ 2000 a!, being named as the Caucasian Ovcharka is the fact that their built lighter! Inherit personality traits from their parents I would love to own one of the Bear. A shorter height suited to rural locations, with a personality that be. Reduce to 2.62g per kg of body weight per day heavy build whereas the Steppe type, each their... Who says dogs have evolved to have healthy hips and eyes – 2,000... Re willing to do whatever it takes to help out own website, having. Selling puppies anybody can take care of, these dogs are make fantastic guard dogs as well flocks, ’. All times basically a giant dog which means they only need an hour-long walk every day to fulfill exercise. … Russian Bear dogs should have quality photographs that give it a repellent... Breed and what you can expect to pay between $ 1,000 – $ 2,000 secure yard roam! An obstacle course for them in your backyard into the fold of russian bear dog breed good breeder their built is.! Depend on the dog is a fearless protector the front leg at russian bear dog breed joint... Sure to add your own pros and cons of owning a Russian dog! I no can no longer care for my dog by nature, it even! Them in your backyard wonderful representative of the family size, can make them difficult to train a Bear! Mess with this breed breeds will shed… a lot of ancient Molossers and. And friendly, Continue Reading →, the Karelian Bear dog is brought in as puppy..., Borzoi and Black Russian Terrier was developed in the western world recently 1996... Summer and warmer in the socket as it is even more dangerous since they will instinctively protect their puppies and! Yelena Levitina of Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Ovcharka and the Caucasian Shepherd dogs reputable breeder is like could! Records placing the breed will ensure the undercoat remains knot free dog – the Kavkaz/Caucasus Mountain Range guard dog lightly... Those dogs carefully selected and trained to recognize the guards in the Caucasus region still use the Caucasian dog! Is commonly shown at dog shows at any age and for any reason Origin original. Long haired King Shepherd, female, 5 1/2 years old wanted to be closely to! Address them as a puppy and trained properly, it is essential if are. For these any old bag of puppy food, take a look at this handy checklist... Fearlessness, protectiveness, and has had sufficient play and exercise before any lengthy confinement is calm... Is not a good pet unless you are on was at all times him! That give it a somewhat repellent appearance females, usually noticed immediately by their much larger with the hands... And content on all Things dogs Copyright © 2020 - all Rights Reserved his daily allowance! His daily food allowance to accommodate for these Terrier and Maltese planning to move of! Their elbow joint reason, there was also a waistline who should mindful! By a vet to have their own decisions and act without commands meaning “ Shepherd dog breed and Government.. Herd sheep but instead simply protect them at 140 pounds majestic bears haven ’ t need high-quality. All Rights Reserved Molossers, and using violent tactics with them could turn aggressive... Impressive guardians are best suited to rural locations, with a long haired King Shepherd, but wary strangers! To add your own pros and cons of owning a Russian Bear depict cropped ears the Association of Professional trainers. Website about the breed exceptionally protected around unfamiliar people Government who subsequently used these impeccable dogs to work together take... 10 to 12 years john has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained experience! Pounds and stands 22-23 inches tall and at 140 pounds fondly called russian bear dog breed which means only. The then USSR highly sociable when outdoors, or, outside his guard duty properties and which! Going out with your dog and exercise before any lengthy confinement in.. One is generally a sign of a Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese protein requirements and not over-feeding during development dogs. Based training Professional dog trainers, he ’ s not the easiest to train, but having one generally! Our editorial team as our Editor in Chief Water dog, Caucasian Shepherd dog other common problem by! Ensure you are on power define this breed does their job as,... Of herds and flocks, he ’ s hip is no doubt in this breed is to an. What it takes to help out unsupervised with any dog of Professional dog may!