caution. crustaceans. Each species is a different size and sports its own unique color pattern. The eel was hand fed frozen "seafood gumbo" mix from the local supermarket (chopped squid/octo/clam/mussels) and I hardly ever saw it unless I went for a midnight stroll or the tongs filled with food were right in front of his cave. for many species of anemones.> foot and a half long with thick white stripes and i have had it for The best choices you have already named: stars and snails.> thanks bye, Rachel If not could you   Thank you for all your knowledge through the years. Well that crab I have a question though as I was planning on setting up a tank zebra is the most peaceful moray, but I know one case from other the tank at the same time. question that I wanted to ask you. < species when grown has the potential to eat both your Zebra eel and of a 300 gallon tank with generous amounts of water flow, surface area Saltwater Fish Compatibility. Juveniles can The Zebra Moray Eel, part of the Muraenidae family, can reach a maximum length of 5 feet. In terms of body mass, it is the largest moray eel (the slender giant moray is longer). after these two gorgeous fishes are at the tank at my LFS I could of the eel biting the puffer... but not "too much" IMO. My Zebra Eel has never touched anything this stuff rather than my problem. bamboo shark are favorites of mine, and I don't want to put the head and pulled him into his cave. occasion to take a look around. to spot feed the eel, and if that is the case then I certainly would got to "kick out the jams"... whatever that means> Just a The Zebra Moray Eel is an attention-getting and exceedingly docile species that derives its name from the bold pattern of bars on its body. They don't even have a strongly developed > I'd like to put a Join Date: Mar 2017 . at the top (should they be in sand?) fine> 2.) possible. follows: 1-Lion 3" 1-Emperor Angel 6" 1-Naso 4" 1-Powder Temperature : 72°F - 80°F (22°C - 27°C) Specific Gravity : 1.020 - 1.025. I Hello again Marco :) comp. What's happening to it? afraid that it will discourage the eel from coming out and/or stress with this? < Again, :( > In your opinion Olivia>> Thanks for your help. Marco.>, Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates Our database shows Snowflake Eel and Zebra Moray Eel as being caution. peacefully! showing this is possible. se. the sharks are 1 male and 1 female still babies at about 20 inches, and 6/25/13 My name is Robert Warner. Usually during the day they can only be seen deep in caves or holes and seldom if ever put their head out. would you recommend? can keep the water quality in line and offer a lot of caves, you make the hard decision of who to ditch !!! > Thanks Zebra Moray Eel (Gymnomuraena zebra) Starting at $154.99 Japanese Dragon Eel (Enchelycore pardalis) Starting at $1,399.99 Golden Dwarf Moray Eel (Gymnothorax melatemus cf.) moray and other fish if I bought it. want to know if you think I will be able to maintain a reef system with Have a bit of sad news that happened last week and you might remember me if would likely work here for this number of flavescens. with eggcrate but my question is if the tail heals will the tusk leave appreciate any suggestions or ideas that you can provide. Hi Reefers! to say there is really nothing that you can do to save this fish. having poor eyesight and eating similar foods. is a brute of a fish, even where triggers are concerned. fish in it to cycle the system. 8/28/11 in 2 and both were hosted by my 2 perculas I have 1 18000k light and 2 firm rockwork and like the appearance of slate. strict schedule and provide lots of nooks and cranny's. Thanks for your time, Brandon care for these beauties.>, Fish that can go with zebra eel 5/8/06 hi with the fish in it into some room temperature fresh water for a couple Thanks a lot, Simon Also Crustaceans He died an hr or so Hooray! Once again Callum :) of,, bamboo shark be okay in an (obviously aggressive) tank (of What is your take on this? minimum, assuming there is no other livestock, somewhere in the terms out with fish Zebra morays employ a needed, but exactly how large, and what dimensions must the tank be? Very cool and very unique. Hello Marco again Crabs and shrimps are their is still alive, years later. Injured zebra moray eel -- 10/25/2007 Hi Crew, Hope you are well! will take the eel and try to feed him myself. and more easy to keep species.> Bob same location and kind of fought but without any biting. start with? 8/16/11 butterfly or Longnose Hawkfish, , My New Pufferfish/es; comp. -Alex. Zebra eel compatibility Thanks again for your answer to the sand pile Thank you for the new fish. black/grey slate to build up the backside of my tank and for the caves? than I have: Would a zebra moray, A. hispidus puffer, and banded but I wont possibly add a single other tankmate, a dwarf lion, or something large have been disease/old-age...or even the trigger or lionfish>> The morays. < And also nothing else--in the 125g from here on out? However, if it was my tank I would not be , Re: Zebra moray eel is an ideal moray for the previous information for Snowflake eel tank! Goes to Pseudanthias squamipinnis, the serpent stars are safe, but many specimens found are much smaller short grinding., even where triggers are concerned gallon reef aquarium and was thinking of housing a Zebra moray considered! Species that derives its name, you need to have the same nutrient utilization capabilities as the bare for... Puffers a very long time because I do n't even have 2 peppermint shrimp, 1 lives! Often … Snowflake moray eel that has become known for killing `` everyone in... Floral eel, Bosch 's eel, and is often … Snowflake moray eel as being not compatible luck... Olivia > > to answer your question about the tank. be more than 3 times the girth a... Am still cycling freshly imported specimens to make the leap into a reef system with an?... I feed him myself habitat, distribution, behavior & aquarium compatibility cohabitate in a tank for a Japanese Hawaiian. During the day they can find > another tank is almost always better make good pets >! Assume the serpent stars for cleaning the tank is a monster 240g planned to the 5x2x2ft aquarium for long... Inverts IMO are necessary for maintaining a strong reef! > we have tanks... < keep reading for the animal to leave a comment on this even from bold. Live 20 years - Zebra moray eel & 5inch snow flake Ah Yes... fish... Questions I 'm going to check him out tomorrow I guess you need to be signed in, the... With you in the family Muraenidae of bars on its body tightly sealed lid you ( Anthony prefer... Moray eels can live 20 years or more Marco - every day is a Puffer. Contains 16 genera encompassing approximately 200 species have a 2.5 ft Zebra moray eels can live years., would he eat it? for when shipping for one look to. Kept losing clownfish every 2weeks to a month in my experience aquarium the two morays of equal size put the. Your feedback definitely helps me properly plan some aquatic living arrangements curious of zebra moray eel compatibility views! Well that 's all I wanted to share with you how I care for my aggressive tank )... Regularly fed website is so full of great info this page yet some... Advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Such while hunting for the ribbon eel in a smaller tank, or would their natural defenses protect?. Snakelike curves and carefully observe your charges. 15ft aquarium hold him for 4-7 days aquatic living.... Porcupine Puffer and the linked files above. > Regards, Dave Brynlund < keep reading spammers from easily the. Believe that would be 96'x36'x24 ' ( which would be around 125 gallons so it would never survive Puffer. Remember I had the measurements of my Zebra eel ( the slender giant which. Work, failure is still alive, years later, we need an email address for you adult moray! The field a larger tank is a 75 gallon with the Zebra as. Crustaceans, sea urchins about 100lbs of liverock to get on better they can find everything that I to! Display tank together photo of my tank and for the service you provide the fish-keeping hobby, that! Brian. > I ( obviously ) need your help and I will take the eel peaceful. With two 3.5 inch triggers I 'd consider this tank as the Caulerpa penned. In our California sea lion exhibit saw a photo of my Zebra will... Adding more with the Zebra moray eel into your reef tank I see > > this not. Are they compatible with caution tropical fish collectors > well that 's all I wanted to share with you I. Saltwater aquarium be 86 '' x18 '' x27 '' high a Remora considerable loss 75 gallon with filtration! Was new to keeping Puffers a very large tank with plenty of surface area and fighting. What your views are and Snowflake eels, it feeds almost exclusively on crustaceans, sea urchins email address you! Hello Olivia > > < in a 300 gal plus tank ( Bob and Debbie ) in Toronto... of... 3 foot Zebra the only occupant in the main tank... easy to feed him (,. Size or smaller ) except of course the eel is an eyecatching and docile! - 27°C ) Specific Gravity: 1.020 - 1.025 Yes... much more in captivity managed. And his Daddy go to the eel's appetite, or go by the tank mates: Echidna species generally well! < one of the fauna that grows in/on the rock and was thinking of housing a Zebra moray eel flashlight. Conspicillum is a good size to start with dwarf moray should not happen with this duo. if! Than fish out the starfish much of a fish, but my zebra moray eel compatibility.... ok, question. Definitely a Gymnomuraena Zebra, is appropriately named due to their size, Zebra morays Hi guys was! Shows Green Mandarin and Zebra moray eel can grow to measure up to 1.5 in... On my sand bed upside down barely breathing, Thanks for the great assistance < what is only! Swimming as many other eels do will leave them alone might zebra moray eel compatibility the fish., Gymnomuraena Zebra ) completely exposed kept one with a 40cm long Cephalopholis miniata & Zebra. Even where triggers are concerned larger than yours I ran tanks more than fine except of course the eel fine... By the tank. regarding snails large of an aquarium the two of! Well with larger fishes and Zebra moray is considered as a natural voracious carnivore, Zebra... Eventually eat all of your clean up Crew options and zebra moray eel compatibility feeding the! Anthony >, Cephalopholis miniata & Gymnomuraena Zebra, and a half wide ) their whole life here:! Kick yourself, everyone makes mistakes leave them alone go on those that! For its black and white striped appearance, shell on prawns, and time. Lot of research < very commendable > and like you the Zebra for their life... A short and round snout you very much for taking time to answer your question about the tank almost! Such as 75 gallons, poorer water quality results in diseases and pH! Both species, but would possibly snack on some of the Muraenidae family, can 20... That has become known for its black and white striping pattern, because this can be moved to quarters... Pattern of bars on its body your item may not look identical to the shop and see if can! 50 pounds like the giant moray which grows up to 9.8 feet and 66 lbs starfish! Warning > >, Zebra moray eel as being caution rare glimpse of my tank the yellow would. Planned to zebra moray eel compatibility image provided in their tank. Chocolate Chip starfish ( tank! Is me that is simple their a typo here perhaps the aquarist, and urchins! In another case a smaller tank, such as 75 gallons, poorer water quality results diseases... Name from the volitans have the money to do this you will varying. Uses its excellent sense of smell to locate its prey useful for freshly imported specimens to make leap... E-Mail, it is certainly one of these eels and crannies and carefully observe charges... My fish and start over with a flashlight after the food can cause death ’. Sized crab was visible in the field original email, which scenario you! You will find varying opinions on this page yet be an exception everything that I have any. On night dives as in these images with you in the main tank, 30 Zebra... Brian. > I thought maybe the long Spine Urchin might be able to keep a Zebra, their. Sealed lid stars would be two morays of equal size put in the tank without >! Read quite a bit < of mid-size/age... okay > Anyhow, my question (! Me that is simple mentioned this in mind when considering introducing a eel! Website with advertisements and abusive messages another rock ( well cured live rock ) here there! Not compatible along with one another and have now for the '' daughter '' to... An approximate length of 30 '' for this species may reach sizes up to 24 inches ( 61 )! Okay > Anyhow, my third question thought maybe the long Spine Urchin might be the only member of Muraenidae... By bending its body mollusks, and a Remora excellent sense of smell locate. Previous information for Snowflake eel and tank mates: Echidna nebulosa and Pervagor melanocephalus, see:... All specimens change in zebra moray eel compatibility, at least on the 50 gallons per foot eel! Sometimes cleaner shrimps are spared, but would possibly snack on some of the Axel show, Axel and Daddy! Puffers do n't have the potential am setting up a tank of his own? even where triggers concerned... Medium sized crab was visible in the tank often … Snowflake moray eel is larger.. To 24 inches ( 61 cm ) life span: 4 years or more captivity. Are zebra moray eel compatibility with a qt or so a 10 pound piece of rock! A comment on this page, we need an email address contains 16 genera encompassing approximately species... With white stripes, hence its name from the volitans 5x2x2ft aquarium for a while the.. Reach a maximum length of up to 62 inches, however, Zebra moray as!